In today’s world, anyone and everyone can be a web designer. With an abundance of do-it-yourself guides, it’s possible you can create a website in minutes. Then, with the press of a button, your website can be uploaded on to the internet for everyone to see. 
But is it really that simple and straightforward? 
Unfortunately, no - it’s not that simple or straightforward to do it yourself when it comes to creating a website. Yes, people do create their own websites, however, having a reputable web design company on your side can mean the difference between the success or failure of your website being found and loading correctly. 
These are some of the reasons why our customers choose it'seeze Web Design Plymouth for their website design and search engine optimisation: 

We Don’t Use Mass Produced Designs 

Every itseeze Web Design Plymouth customer is unique and we make sure your website is unique and tailored exclusively to your business. We create eye-catching designs that you won’t find on any template website creator. There’s a time and a place for template website creators, such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, GoDaddy and others, but as one of our customers, we make sure there’s only one website like yours. 

We Care What Makes Your Website Work 

A common complaint about template websites is how complicated the admin interface behind the scenes is for the average person to navigate and make changes. As many templates are “one size fits all” you’ll often find there’s redundant code, which might be relevant for some customers, but if it’s code you don’t need then it’s likely to be clunky and clogging up the performance of your website. 
Also consider what might happen to your website if the template is updated by the template creator without your knowledge. They might be fixing hidden bugs or inadvertently creating new ones. Unscheduled updates could potentially break your website, and this could be expensive if you need help putting it right or if your website is unavailable for a period of time. 

We Care About Images and Image Sizes 

A key part of making a website load quickly and ranking higher in the search engines is the page weight - how many kilobytes of data need to be loaded in order to display your website. The lower the number of kilobytes, the quicker your web page will appear. Template websites don’t generally have image size limits or the facility to compress images. So, without knowing, you could be creating a template web page that takes a long time to load, that is penalised by search engines such as Google, and costs you visitors who don’t have the time or the patience to wait for a slow page to load. 
Template websites also tend to come with a limited selection of stock images which are used on thousands and thousands of websites. Stock images are a key part of many websites - if you don’t have your own images, or if your current images are poor quality, then we can add premium stock images to your website that will give it a professional look and feel that’s tailored to your business. 
Search engines also favour unique content and images, so again, by using a templated design you could be penalising your website and lowering your search engine ranking without realising. 

We Create Great Content 

Speaking of content, at it'seeze Web Design Plymouth, we work with our clients to understand your business and produce informative, compelling content that’s unique to your requirements. With a template website you might find you’re left out in the cold with this. You might be wondering why your competitors have achieved better search engine rankings and how they have attracted more visitors. 
We also give you access to our own easy-to-use website editor, so if you want to make changes to your website, you can. You’ll also have the facility to contact us locally if there’s anything you need. This definitely isn’t available with a template website! 
These are just some of the reasons why our customers have chosen it'seeze Web Design Plymouth to design and maintain their website and online presence. If you have an existing website, we can also run a free website health check to see how well it performs and whether we can help make it work harder for you. 
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