Choosing the perfect company to design your website can be tricky. Your website is your opportunity to show everyone who you are and what you do.  
It’s your window to the world and it makes sense to make sure it reflects the essence of your company, or your personality if it’s an individual website you want to create. 
Selecting the right web design company to work with you is a crucial step towards creating a successful website. It’s important to have someone who wants to turn your ideas into reality and has the skills to do so. 
Web design today is so much more than just creating a website. It’s creating a lasting online presence.  
A website is sometimes described as having a virtual salesperson and it’s certainly possible to create a virtual sales process which links to your existing system. 

Do you want a brochure website or a marketing/ecommerce website? 

This is often one of the first questions to ask. A brochure website is similar to a poster, flyer, or catalogue. It lists information, contact details, pictures, and prices.  
These websites are easy to set up and easy to maintain. Working with your local web design company, you can set up a brochure website and upgrade it in the future, if you wish. 
Marketing websites and ecommerce websites are more functional and complex. They encourage interaction between the visitor and the website, and if you opt for an ecommerce site, this will even allow your customers to purchase your products online.  
Features can range from built-in blogging platforms to complete online ordering systems. If you wish to communicate with visitors while they are browsing your website, you can add online chat with real people or set up an automated chatbot. 

Do you have a colour scheme or a finished design in mind? 

When choosing your web design company, it can be helpful to have a list of ideas for your website prepared in advance.  
If you have specific colours you want to use, or if you like certain websites, keep a list and show your designer how you envisage the finished website might look. 
Knowing how you want your website to look can save time in the design process. If you are hoping to create a brochure website, find similar websites to show your designer.  
Or if you want a marketing website or online store, jot down the features you like and the functionality you want your website to have. 

Do you have the right budget for your website? 

This is perhaps a marketing question as your website is a marketing tool. When allocating the budget for your online presence, your website, social media, and online advertising, there are simple equations you can use.  
Just as you might record how many telephone calls it takes to make a sale, you can find out how many people have viewed your website and how many sales have come from your website as well. 
This can be calculated over as long or short period as you wish. Most websites need updating from time to time and with it’seeze Web Design Plymouth, you can do this yourself.  
If you expect your website to last X years, to cost X and make X in sales, you can calculate how much you can expect your website to earn compared with how much it has cost, over the length of time you want to receive the return on this investment. 

Do you have a preferred web design company? 

This question is often overlooked and yet you will be working closely with your web design company to set up your website, and in the future when you want to make changes, you can use the unique editing tools provided by it’seeze Web Design Plymouth.  
It’s important to be able to work effectively with your web designer, and at it’seeze Web Design Plymouth we provide local and personal support throughout the lifetime of your website 
At it’seeze Web Design Plymouth, we enjoy working with our clients from the very beginning. We can come up with innovative ideas for new websites and help you through the process, step by step. 
We offer professional web design in Plymouth and across Cornwall. 
To get started, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help with all of your web design requirements. 
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