Online and offline, first impressions are really important. Creating a good impression or a bad impression takes only a few seconds and if a bad impression is made, it can take a long time to change someone’s mind about you and your business. 
When visitors arrive on your website, you want to create a great first impression. This will encourage them to look around at your pages and eventually even purchase something or contact you for more information. 
Having high quality images on your website is definitely important, but having well-written content is vital. Visitors are typically not very tolerant of spelling mistakes or poor grammar on a web page, as it can lead them to think that your products are not good quality or that your service is poor. This may be far from the truth, but if you can’t get the words right on your website, why wouldn’t your website visitors suspect that something else could be wrong? 

Keep Your Content Fresh 

The good news is that creating good content and keeping your content fresh and up-to-date doesn’t have to be difficult or a chore. Whether you choose to write the content yourself or employ a content writer, it has never been easier to update your website content. 
Also, when writing your content, remember to think about the words people might use in a search engine to find your website. Using these words, also known as keywords or key phrases, in your content is really important so the search engines can rank your website for those particular keywords and key phrases. 

Easy To Edit 

With our easy website editor you can change your text, change pictures, switch a promotion, add some words or add a whole new page, anytime you want. You can be sure your text will fit on the screen and you can also see a preview before anything goes live. We will help you create that great first impression. 
Editing your website on a regular basis will cause the search engines to revisit your website and take note of the new content. It makes your website appear more attractive to visitors. If the content is updated regularly, in the search engine’s view, your website is noted to be interesting and up-to-date and worth listing higher in the search engine ranking. 

Take Control of Your Search Engine Ranking 

Google and other search engines reward websites which have regularly updated content by giving them higher search engine rankings. If you have a static website which hasn’t changed in years, you could find your website is pushed further down below websites which have content which is updated hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. 
This is why news websites and information websites often appear at the top of the listing for multiple search engine keywords. With almost constantly refreshed content, the search engines are continually visiting those websites, collecting information, and awarding higher rankings. 
You can do the same for your website simply by adding something new, perhaps by writing a blog post or creating a new page. Even changing a few words can make all the difference. 
At itseeze Web Design Plymouth, we will help you every step of the way. Whether it’s creating a brand new look, or transforming an old website into a trendy new website, we can offer you everything you need to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more. 
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