Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with your website visitors and your customers. It’s a way to share information and to inform and entertain people all around the world.  
Blogs can offer opinions and advice. They can be used to promote a product, service, or event; or simply to share moments from your life. 
Blogs are written by both individuals and business owners. They are written by marketing teams and also by a growing number of teenagers and young adults sharing their views. A blog is simple to set up and can easily be attached to your existing website. 
If you have a blog on your website, then writing regular blog posts keeps the content on your website fresh and up to date. Search engines pick up on the new content and award higher rankings to popular websites which have new and interesting information available to visitors. 
Successful blogs keep the reader interested from the beginning to the end. But if you write new blogs every day, every week, or every month then it can be a challenge to think of unique and fresh content on a regular basis.  
The top tip for this is to brainstorm your ideas, writing everything down and creating a list of titles and topics you want to cover. 

What makes a good title? 

The title is the first part of your blog the reader will see. Asking a question in your title can be a good way to attract a reader’s attention. Having an action word in your title is also recommended. Words such as “Top five tips to” or “Discover the new way to” or “How to” are popular choices for the words to start your title. 
If you include keywords in your title, then this can tie in with your website keywords and keep a consistent message between your website and your blog. Also remember to read your title out loud. Does it sound right? Would you want to read an article with this title? 

Where can I find ideas for blogs? 

Some bloggers follow the calendar to find ideas for their blogs. The content they write follows the months of the year with topical blogs relating to seasonal events, such as Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, New Year, Valentines, Easter, holidays, Halloween, and Christmas. 
Other bloggers follow the news. When they write blogs, they reference politics and current affairs. Writing a blog with keywords from current events can boost your blog in the search engines. 
Another tip is to look at trends. What are people searching for? What’s popular right now? If you can tie your blog in with something that’s trending it can be an easy way to engage with new readers. 

How often should I blog? 

There’s no limit to the number of blogs you can write, or any limit on how often you can post blogs. Some bloggers post new material every day. Others post once a month. There’s no right or wrong answer. 
Some bloggers create content in advance and schedule their blogs to go live on certain days or at regular intervals. The top tip is to write a blog when you have something useful or relevant to share. This might be company news or an update to your personal blog. 
Writing a blog is a great addition to your online marketing strategy. Keeping in regular contact with your customers and prospective customers is a guaranteed way to keep your company in their mind. Establishing your blog as a “go-to” place for up-to-date information or advice will encourage your readers to interact with your blog, to share it with friends and colleagues. 
In time, your blog will become a valuable resource and the more blogs you create the bigger the impact you will make. 
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